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SteffensLand2015 v1.0 SoilMod ready
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SteffensLand2015 v1.0 SoilMod ready

Ready to SoilMod
On SteffensLand2015 are from 16 to farm fields are 6 fields ready for harvest Booked.
On the farm, a pig, a cattle fattening and a broiler plant are installed.
Furthermore beetMaster100K, the beet chips you can in the sugar factory sell SeedMaster2k15, seed storage, fertilizer storage, mixing station, Balemaster and a new clamp for sale of all types of straw.
An additional feeding troughs you can forage for sale chopped.
For the pig fattening V4.0.0 I added the cattle market, where you get the pig bit cheaper.
You will at the composting plant almost everything going on and can then sell them to the nursery compost. In the nursery you will also los manure. For questions about the functions of each installed mods look nevertheless please times according to the website of Marhu.
So you can do more with wheat, barley and maize I have installed the Mills Pack and the accompanying bakery. The bread and baked goods can be sold at EDEKA.
Then I installed the oil Company, refinery or for rape.
To use the SoilManagement on SteffensLand2015 (without the AAA_64erFix), I removed the Multifruit fruits.
Since some users error in the streets have occurred, I have these removed.
Added I've distributed more 2 Mast systems (cow, pig) with a BGA, small stock standard fruits, food storage, ball bearings with lift and 4 fertilizer + seed stations on the map.
Other Items added with function are Milchwerk UKP (cheese, yogurt), sewage treatment plant (Water)
large tree species (wool) and a baker (sale of bread, pastries).
The sheep do not have to get Marhu's WoolPaletteCollector.
Do not forget when you play the SoilManagement to take zzzGuelleMistMod from modfolder. Extract the RAR file and move the zip files to the modfolder.
Alone tested and SoilManagement was fun. A lot of work, because the helper only
Processing status of the field works.
Greeting Grauer12

The publish or re-upload to other websites, forums is not allowed without my permission.

Required Mods
Cattle Market (C_Joskin_Betimax_RDS_7500.zip v3.5.2)


- Marhu Schweinemast v4.0.0
- Marhu Watermod v3.1.5
- Marhu WoolPaletteCollector
- Marhu ViehMarkt
- Farmer Andy Hühnermast
- Farmer Andy BaleMaster
- Farmer Andy Rübenschnitzel Modpack
- Farmer Andy Compost Master ModPack
- Farmer Andy SeedMaster2k15
- Wirtschaftskreislauf ÖL Teil 1Öl_Company by Kastor
- Wirtschaftskreislauf Öl Teil2Raffinerie by Kastor
- Mkausen Saatgutlager und Düngerlager
- fs-uk.com/soilmod

  • Bob (wires)
    2015-08-16 08:50
    2 comments... 1. I do not get a "fruit icon" for the Fruit "barleyflour", all others are ok. 2. You have given us a Dairy that produces 2 Fruits "Yogurt and Kaese" These two fruits have no sell location set for them also looks like there may be no base price in the files (if possible)....The previous map (standard) also will not show a"icon" for "barleyflour"...Bob.
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