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Stepa Forage platform trailer v1
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Stepa Forage platform trailer v1

Hello Community,
Today I introduce you to the Stepa Forage platform trailer.
The original model is of Giants to control Edited by Opelman to the crane from the tractor herraus.

Z converted to Ballcarts it was made ??by me (Fox.), The origin is, however, already been available from Giants, from whatever reasons they have but it was never completed.

Now what can mod the fact?

E r can ...
Load 8 bales (1.3 LS Standard)
Bales are automatically recorded when starting
The crane can be controlled from the tractor (No permanent stay required)

Now a few more information to get you started to ease.
S ei not the same sad if you do not come along immediately it took something with me, but you get the hang of how it works wonderful (best with joystick)
Can clench S troh / hay are lighter than silage bales, so the note is in bale silage be that you umwirfst the Stepa (realism)
A Fruits on a balanced distribution of the bales (not unilaterally loaded)
S can tützen remain extended (tractor specific) when loading (With some tractors the trigger to append is deeper than normal! Thus it may be that you hang with the rear axle in the air)
W ith 90% of the tractors it works but.
B all the best pack so as to frame 1, so it works best;)
Found a mistake?
W hen you have found an error report it but please via PM here: https://www.facebook.com/Landwirtschafts-Simulator-240813796058532/timeline/
O of. In the comments here on Modhoster
Soo Have fun with the mod)
Mod may be offered only with original link to the DL on other sites!
Respect the Modders!

Orginal : Giants
Rückewagen Edit : Opelman
Ballenwagen Edit : FoxS.

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    Why am I the trailers are available in the game?
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