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Stepa Forest Trailer With Crane v1.1
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Stepa Forest Trailer With Crane v1.1

Stepa Trailer with crane. You can use this trailer inside the tractor.
Model Giants. Edit opelman

Model Giants. Edit opelman

  • Guest
    2015-02-02 16:59
    an you do a big harvester that will do it all new fruits in that map unna 2015 in farm simulator 2015 plz m8 hope you can help me. you r good at moding m8
  • Joe farmer
    2015-02-02 18:15
    So, how is this different from the stock Stepa in the game???
  • Joe farmer
    2015-02-02 18:25
    To answer my own question. I just watched a video on another website. The player controls the crane while still inside the tractor. Player does not sit in a seat on the trailer itself.
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