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Stewart 15ft Bale Trailer v2
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Stewart 15ft Bale Trailer v2

Please note: This version has new wheels and no steering axle.
A V3 will be out soon. With new features.

Mod created by myself & FS-Modding. With help from Xentro with Hardpoint.

Full Working Lights
Hardpoint Extension: Required MOD!! http://vertexdezign.net/downloads/14
All Harpoint Extension have Washable and Collisons
1:1 Scale
AO texture
Full Texture Maps
Bale Locking, Key O

To purchase the bale ladders, log ladder etc, you must first buy the hardpoint workshop and bring the trailer into the workshop.

DN Modding (Taylor0o9, Computer2009)
FSModding Textures Ingaming
Xentro, VertexDezign : Hardpoint Extension

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    Thank you! Nice work.
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