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STEYR 8080A SK2 v1.0
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STEYR 8080A SK2 v1.0

Hello, so here we present you our last "normal" STEYR 4-cylinder model of the 80 series.

BJ 1988
Steyr full synchronous Gruppenschaltgetrebe with 16V / 8R gears
96l tank capacity
Engine: Steyr WD 411.90 turbocharged
40 kmh

Dynamic pants ready (hydraulic hose ready, matching the crown Zetter BM Modding)
installed door window closing Sound
Washable (entire model)
IC control (windows, doors, front or rear, front hydraulic link a / foldable, footrest of passenger a / foldable, sun visor)
Animated: wiper (in the rain), tachometer, fuel and temperature indicator (also illuminated)
Open the door (left side) / close (from the outside) key R
Doors / reduce (from the outside) key R
FL console / degradable (from the outside) key R
Front fender on / degradable (from the outside) key R
FH + FZ on / degradable (from the outside) key R
Arbeistlicht front on / off button NUM 7
Working light rear / off button NUM 9
atacherjoint front (eg: kaufbares Front weight)
Indoor Sound script (responsive to geöffente windows / doors, etc)
passenger script
seat suspension
rearview mirror
swing axle

Gearbox addon:

Matching modpacks:
Snow chains + twin tires:

Weights Pack:
A big thank you to Max (MB 3D modeling) because he always lets us rebuild Steyr 8080A SK1 model and gives us the release released (= its original DL link). (This was to LS13-hours of us (STEYR Modding) be applied and with him (MB3D Modelling) settled.) Thanks to all users who regelmäißig in Facebook (Maschinenring Alpenland, or STEYR Modding Team) in our polls.
Please use the ORIGINAL DL-Link when upload on other sites / forums and CREDITS entry not forget!
For information about other projects and status updates, surveys, stop by just once in FB.

Have a lot of fun with this mod :)

MfG your:
STEYR Modding Team

(Unknown000, steyr modder, Domi, John)
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MB 3D Modelling, STEYR Modding Team, Buzzard Agrotech, RivalBomb, Modelleicher, Alex2009, rs123456
Gearbox addon:
biedens, STEYR Modding Team

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