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Steyr 8090 SK2 Equipment Pack v2.0
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Steyr 8090 SK2 Equipment Pack v2.0

So here is a suitable equipment package for the Steyr 8090a SK2 Turbo Lärmarm. These are the grassland pack.

Version 2.0 Binderberger RW9
- Typenschild hinzugefügt
- Dynamic Hose ready
- Camera gefixt

! Info!
The Revised what the xml, and the scripts folder Moddesc have reinkopiert in Steyr 8090a SK2 Turob Lärmarm Mod can ignore the following text (in red).
It has been uploaded and added to the description provided by the Steyr 8090a SK2 Turbo Lärmarm a gefixte / revised moddesc, XML and the folder "scripts".
This is only important for those who who want to use snow chains.

Hauer FL
Hauer FL-Tools
purchasable Forestry framework
purchasable snow chains (remain key x sitting in the vehicle), front / rear

In front Atacher joint the frame is coupled, ie if you ankuppelt the forestry framework, then no hitch or Forntgewicht can be ankuppelt more.
The tractor has a front only Atacher joint and thus can only attach one thing.

I have the forestry framework adapted it starts when one collapses without the forestry framework irgentwo comes the FH lower links in touch.
One can also use the FL (Hauer Hydrac or).

The forest frame has no Colli, for coupling simply pure driving. (Is indeed unreal but we could not solve otherwise)

Fittingly Tractor:
Have fun with it :)
STEYR Modding
(unknown000, Domi, Steyr modder, John)

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