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Steyr 8090 SK2 municipal forestry v1.0
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Steyr 8090 SK2 municipal forestry v1.0

Hello, here we (unknown000, steyrmodder, Domi and John) you a STEYR Pack consisting of a Steyr 8090 municipal and 8090 from the Forestry Project 90s until today available. The downloaded file once extract!
The tractors are based on Steyr 8090a SK2 Turbo Lärmarm.
The 8090 forestry have a built-Fix Frontwight, no front fender, and a fix installed Forestry framework. The Steyr 8090 municipal has a snow plow plate with on / degradable FH lower link. There will follow another Equipment Pack (local Edition). (is still at work)

Washable (wheels only)
IC circuit
Swing axle
Animated: wiper (in the rain), tachometer, fuel and temperature indicator (also illuminated)
Open door / close (from the outside) button R
Remove door to / (Steyr 8090 Forst) (from the outside) button R
FL console on / degradable (from the outside) button R
Front fender on / degradable (Steyr 8090 municipal) (from the outside) button R
FH lower link on / degradable (Steyr 8090 municipal) (from the outside) button R
(prepared for kaufbares Frontgewicht, hitch)
FH-hinged lower link (via IC)
atacherjoint front (eg: kaufbares Frontgewicht, kaufbares hitch)
Work light, front / rear on / off button Num7 / key Num9
new Steyr 4cylinder Sound
Indoor Sound
Passenger script
Seat suspension
Rearview mirror

Matching equipment packs:
(Grünladn Edition)
(Forest Edition)

A big thank you to Max (MB 3D modeling) because he always lets us rebuild Steyr 8080A SK1 model and gives us the release released (= its original DL link). (This was to LS13-hours of us (STEYR Modding) as introduced and agreed with him (MB3D Modelling).)
Thanks to all users regelmäißig in Facebook (Monster Gaming team) participate in our surveys, and we unterstüzen with data, images etc.
Please use the ORIGINAL DL-Link for uploading to other sites / forums and CREDITS entry not forget!
Then we wish you much fun with the mod and schreibts your opinion in the clerk. ;)
STEYR Modding
(unknown000, Domi, Steyr modder, John)

MB 3D Modelling, unknown000 (STEYR Modding), steyrmodder (STEYR Modding), Domi (STEYR Modding) John (STEYR Modding), Buzzard Agrotech, RivalBomb, Modelleicher, Alex2009

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    2015-12-04 11:17
    super mods mais il est dommage de voir autant de tracteurs forestier aucun n'a de treuil pour tirer les troncs d'arbresprenons exemple sur le fendt 209 forestier fs 13 équipé d'un tajfun ( avec câbles pour tracter)forestier = cage de protection çà s’arrête là dans les mods fs 15maintenant on ne trouve soit que dalle ou alors des pincesaucun de ses mods fs 13 n'a été converti c'est vraiment dommage çà laisse entendre que si une personne saurai
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