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Store images for tractors v1.0
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Store images for tractors v1.0

Unfortunately, it still happens that mods still have not appealing store images. So far I have then always even created their own images. Well I thought that some of you would have in mind the interest to use them. Therefore, I now present you some pictures.
All Shop pictures are in a resolution of 512 * 512 as this - at least for me - the best looks in the game. Furthermore, were and all images are created at the same angle.
Thought is the whole that the images can be used independently of the Mods or the -erstellers. So you can also learn but which Mods I really used here, I write the creator yet to do so.

Version 1.0:
Claas Arion 650
Claas Axion 950
Claas Xerion 4500
Claas weights:
KAWECO Double Twin Shift small
KAWECO Double Twin Shift large
MB3D modeling:
Claas Jaguar 870
Claas Orbis 750
Claas Cargos 2400

// Single download by clicking on the link
// Total Download via known download button

If you like the pictures, I'll even create Shop images for other mods. Rear load me a comment or a PM and I'll watch what I can do.
Have fun with it!


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