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Strautmann PS3401 HDR Dyeable twin pack v1.3
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Strautmann PS3401 HDR Dyeable twin pack v1.3

V1.3, 4.66mb zip for both.

Strautmann PS3401 twin pack with HDR dyeable body textures. One is standard operating speed, capacity and price. 71000 to buy with 60 daily cost's. The other is modified, 50000 capacity, 25 KMH operating speed and uses 175ltrs per second of manure so it will spread for much longer. 50000 to buy with 50 daily cost's. Multiplayer and washable yes.

Original by Giant's, Mod by Stevie.

  • Cwj108
    2015-04-12 15:20
    Awesome! Do you have plans for a slurry spreader with around the same capacity and spread flow rate?
  • Firez34
    2015-04-12 15:29
    We'll see, Have plans for all my mod's buddy plus a cool new one but I'm hard at work on Ringwoods V1.6 which I'm trying to get ready for next weekend with everything finished.
  • Cwj108
    2015-04-12 16:00
    Awesome! Thanks for all your hard work
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