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Strautmann Terra Vitesse 3 pack V1.2 Final
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Strautmann Terra Vitesse 3 pack V1.2 Final

V1.2 Final No errors, 10.5mb zip for all 3.

Here's  the Strautmann Terra Vitesse's in Red, Green and Yellow with HDR Textures. Dyeable wheels, 60000 capacity, 30kmh operating speed, lightened body weight, Washable and Multiplayer Yes. 40000 to buy with 40 daily cost's.

Original by Giant's, mod by Stevie.

  • Perfect08
    2015-03-11 16:06 Send message
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    Thanks for this pack Stevie.I don't know if you do requests but any chance of making this carry more bales arcusinAutostackFS63-72.Even the round bale collector would be good aswell.
  • Guest
    2015-03-11 21:29 Send message
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    I'll have a look at it as soon as I can buddy.
  • Warondar
    2015-03-11 22:57 Send message
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    Thanks Stevie. Yet another great addition to my permanent fleet of equipment.
  • Ashley
    2015-04-20 17:32 Send message
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    hii looks like a awesome mod and equipment . however so you know why i can not buy this mod ? it is in the store but without picture but does give all the information how ever when i try to purchase it say can not buy at this time try agian later that was a week ago . so what am i doing wrong / or do you know? thanks
  • Gordon
    2015-05-01 16:03 Send message
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    great pac, there was a unit that would hold 100,00 liters but I lost the file hope you can make one
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