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Super baling pack V2
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Super baling pack V2

see pictures I builded pack V1 before of LS 2013, now LS 2015 build another pack. if you tired of baling and mowing grass, you can see this, 100,000KG per bale, wape bale to white bale (silage bale [no use when you exit the game] use silage bale in the time you playing the game) use SPV to grab (just press one key bale in to SPV). NewHolland BB1290 Super baler is very havey, use strong tractor or truck or T34 TANK to pull. area of 50 meters of baling range. CAT flatbed bale auto loading trailer is prass one key load all bales in the auto range 60 bale per trailer. you can once working with Super baling, long time no need to baling. be easier.


  • Me


    2016-06-06 10:58
    look at forums to make screenshots of the gameits only the PRINT Key Never use a extern Cam to make Pics of the Game
  • Jack777
    2016-06-14 08:36
    I have made map from empty low computer can play it, I want use E-mail to mail my friend, wo want my own new map? leve me e-mail, I e-mail you.
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