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Supercharger grain v1.0
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Supercharger grain v1.0

I present to you Supercharger grain v1
The supercharger  is added by GE [Giants Editor]
Of installment before it is recommended to make a backup of the map.

What it has:
- The Version dirty and clean
- Version of the wires and no wires
- Exact model
- Mobile fans
- 3 different models of grain blower
- Includes additional rigging such as pipes, elbow, cyclone

The blower is Object which has no function eg dumping grain, animation disappearance of grain.

- Read the document textowy fashion
- Keep it that I am the author
- Please you very much for this not to change the link

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Model: vnsfdg2
Texture: vnsfdg2
Testing: vnsfdg2

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