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Sutton Farms & Livestock v1
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Sutton Farms & Livestock v1

This is a Lincolnshire based family run farm which is about 500 acres. The map is an Arable Farm which has neen updated since the release of it to also have Livestock too, there has also been watermod added so theres required mods to make the map fully operational, please enjoy and thankyou.

Chris7710 is original Editor and full credit to him.
JacAgriEdits for the update of livestock and watermod to the map.
RMC Modding & Fermer stu for the ideas for increasing.
Myself as a tester.
Plus everyone whos objects, textures etc which was used to create this map.

Original LINK will be given

  • Sweet250
    2016-04-30 21:13
    maybe in your description you could tell us which mods are needed...
  • Dave
    2016-04-30 21:55
    Easy enough lad watermod requries water so i would say water tank perhalps , i have downloaded this and ingame one works fine but just download the universal ones so thats your answer sweet250
  • Cricket
    2016-04-30 22:53
    Nice Map. Just Enough To Stay Busy.
  • Jim


    2016-04-30 22:56
    wow this map is better than windchaser. this is how map making should be done. joe could take a lesson or 2 from this modder.
  • Dave
    2016-05-02 11:52
    Kids kids its a posting of someone elses work if you children cant behave and apoligise to the nation your as bad as the rest of them as its all your hatred that causes the fs community to split so do us a favour grow up or leave fs community
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