Farming simulator 2019 mods
SweetFX v1.0
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SweetFX v1.0

who want the graph in ls 15 times aufhüpschen like I should try the times
1 download RadeonPro
Download 2 sweetFX
3 View in youtupe after RadeonPro with sweetfx instructions
4 documents under myGames FarmingSimulator2015 the game.xml open and here <renderer> D3D_90 </ renderer> then paste it sweetfx works

</ Display>
<GpuPerformanceClass> very high </ gpuPerformanceClass>
</ Scalability>
<Renderer> D3D_90 </ renderer>
</ Graphic>

insert at this point so it should look like
5 in download only my Sweetfx is preset with the settings I play unzip the zip folder and in the sweetfx Copying presets


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