Farming simulator 2019 mods
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Releasing AS IS diffenitly not a 100% complete alot of things to work on but if you dont mind a few Warning errors then download.
- Working camera
- additional weights
- stabilizers

Giants,Pummelboer,driftstak(Eric R),FDR for use of parts

  • Redneck farmer
    2016-01-10 19:01
    It will be a great mod once you fix all the errors, such as the grapple needs to be fixed so it hangs straight and the hoist cable hangs below the grapple. I haven't had much time to play with it, but once everything is fixed on it, I am sure it will be the hottest piece of logging equipment since the chainsaw, lol. Thanks for sharing it anyway.
  • Treemandan
    2016-01-10 20:24
    once the bugs are worked out this will be a game changer!
  • @driftstak
    2016-01-11 22:08
    im working on this mod for u bud it will be just like a yarder...all errors will be fixed
  • Driftstak
    2016-01-12 08:41
    oh sweet as yea ive fixed all the errors just having problems with m.p ive only spent a few hours to get it ingame
  • Eric
    2016-01-13 05:02
    so how do you set up the skyline and stuff
  • Penmaker
    2016-01-17 17:23
    I have tryed it not sure on how to use the thing but the grapple goes back to the machine instead of out across and then down to pick up logs and bring to machine. or is it not suppose to work that way ?
  • Macintosh
    2017-05-12 18:39
    will you update to 2017? goldcrest is perfect for the swing with all the high terrain.
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