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Switzerland by Vaszics
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Switzerland by Vaszics

Switzerland by Vaszics version 1.0
The map 4x try to simulate Swiss territory's economy.
The initial game is equipped with basic equipment. ZIP files for this package must be copied to the MOD directory.
If you later wish to play is not the basic machines, there is another solution. To do this, however, should be used for the map, it proposed a separate package (Switzerland_by_Vaszics_Modpack 1.0) ZIP files. This package includes, for I have proposed and tested machines, tools, and utilities.
The 8-9-11-14 arable land cost 1 Euro, and the rest have to buy at higher prices.
14 The field is all grass.
General legend of the objects on the map (9 button):
WTS01 -05
Receiving stations. Their task is to avoid the harvested crop is delivered to the central plant, but there will also be added to discarded.
WS01 -18
You store symbols, in which the feed-in tariffs would not normally present in the information panel.
AS01 -13
You store symbols, in which the purchase prices are normally shown on the information panel.
WF00 -12
Symbols such production plants in which there are no feed-in tariffs, but to the information in the information box, the names of the awarded products as raw materials to be delivered.
More help:
If someone uses the teleportation.zip utility is the arrival point two free top and bottom of the map.
In management, the size of the received prices depend on the transmission distance and difficulty of the approach.
Animals: cattle, sheep, chicken, lamb, pork, beef, fattened cows, sheep fattening, fattened chicken
Crops: wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beets, sunflowers, spelled, rye, oats, triticale, peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, pears, cherries, apricots, grapes.
Bio Power factory: fattening feed, rapeseed cake, rabbit feed, feed geese, chicken feed
Bread Factory: bread, cake
Cannery: canned vegetables, stew, sweet corn
Fruit juice plant: Apricot juice
Yogurt plant apple yogurt, yogurt with pear
Dairy: long-life milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese
Distilleries: vodka, cognac, cherry liqueurBrewery: lager, dark beer
Concrete plant: concreteCotton Processing: cotton bales
Grain mills wheat flour, barley flour, maize flour
Chunky egg: the designated locations
Other plants: sugar, salt, hops, gravel, sand, cement, silage, mixed feed
supermarkets in each city (except Neuchatel and Davos, where there is no crop acquisitions), farm shop, slaughterhouse bio power wholesale market, BGA, horse stables
The game suggest a parallel loaded Switzerland_by_Vaszics_Modpack 1.0 package, which repaired and new vehicles are, and are suitable for the optimal gaming tasks to perform.
More help:
If someone uses the teleportation.zip utility is the arrival point two free top and bottom of the map.


  • Pokop
    2016-09-04 15:14
    Vaszics The map downloaded and opened fine, but just a few seconds into opening it locks up the Giants Engine. I hope it is a easy fix. I am still enjoying The River. Thank you for such enjoyable maps.
  • Vaszics
    2016-09-04 15:50
    Dear Pokop!I do not know what could be the problem. The environment is completely the same as the Po River. Try your VGA card with the lowest power (low) adjusted. Mod directory only in negative terms to put in the basic modes. If it does not freeze, you can put each of the modes, and it turns out that what hangs. If you can not find a solution, you can add the e-mail contact, and then maybe I can help you in detail.
  • Poxko..
    2016-09-04 16:39
    Dear Vaszics, Thank you for such a prompt reply. First I emptied my Mod folder and loaded only the Switzerland and it locked. I added the PO River back in the folder with Switzerland and will try to open. I have not tried to reset the VGA card yet but will get that done next. Thank you again and I sure hope you get the time to make The PO River work on 2017 Farm Simulator.
  • Vaszics
    2016-09-04 17:05
    Dear Pokop! Part of modes in addition to the map is very important and helps the other part of the game. The chicken coop and small engine by default it should be. I suggest that all the way and put the Mod directory. If you can start the map, then there is a method by which you can borrow 5 million euros. With the money machines in the módpackban you can buy, then areas. The system is very similar to the Po River.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-09-04 20:28
    There is an Error in the wording in the "backerie.lua" file that causes the "fruit Hud" for Barley Flour to not sow up.File is in "scripts". Error has been reported to "Vaszics" Bob.
  • Vaszics
    2016-09-04 21:34
    The backerei.lua good name. milkhud in the content gerstenmehlhud was repaired. The following will repair it. Sorry.
  • Lemarchand
    2016-09-04 22:21
    bonjour jai télécharger la carte mais elle n'apparait po dans mes mod avez vous une solution merci car j'ai le pack de véhicule mais pas la carte
  • Jules
    2016-09-05 01:35
    @LEMARCHAND la map est bien dans le dossier a déziper regarde bien.
  • Jules
    2016-09-05 02:10
    je repost voici le non du fichier de la map -->Switzerland_by_Vaszics.
  • Vaszics
    2016-09-05 07:29
    Commented dear!Thank you for your comments. Now I do not answer individually, but will immediately see the repairs, and if you put it up on the net ready.
  • Lemarchand
    2016-09-05 21:04
    bonjour j'ai bien la carte dans mes fichiers sur game dans mon répertoire sur l'ordi mais je n'ai pas la carte dans le mod sur le jeux ????
  • Jules
    2016-09-05 21:30
    Essais de déziper le fichier de la carte tu vas bien voir si il y a quelque chose dedans !
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