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T800 Service Truck v2
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T800 Service Truck v2

This is my edit of the service truck.. This truck has errors which i will post because FUCT'D modding has no idea what they are doing so i made this mess pink and am releasing it without the errors fixed so everyone can see how stupid these wanna be modders are so enjoy!

Warning: Missing l10n for button WEIGHT_ACTIVE_FIAT in T800ServiceTruck
Error: UVs out of range [-8,8] ID2623'
Warning (LUA): Argument to method 'setVisibility' is nil
-- from D:/code/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua:535
Warning (LUA): Argument to method 'setVisibility' is nil
-- from D:/code/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua:541
Warning (LUA): Argument to method 'setVisibility' is nil

there is more errors that pop up as you are using.

Thomas for the cab, Duramax_Nation for the bed

  • Fuctd idiote
    2016-01-03 23:19
    FUCTD modding doit être plus stupidiest enfant dans le monde du, Voyons poids supplémentaires qui commencent à 999 millions de livres à 9 à la puissance 25?
  • Fuctd idiote
    2016-01-03 23:20
    TorqueScale égale 75,349
  • Fuctd idiote
    2016-01-03 23:22
    Combien de cubemaps defuct pouvez-vous utiliser? Dans ce cas, des groupes, de nombreux. FS09, FS11, FS13, FS15 ET cubemaps de LAG VILLE
  • Fuctd idiote
    2016-01-03 23:23
    6 Effets d'échappement? Pas étonnant qu'il LAGS si mauvais
  • Garbagemod
    2016-01-04 00:54
    @Fuct'd modding 6 WEEKS FOR THAT? wow you are worse than i thought... and if it has an ERROR THAT WOULD OBVIOUSLY MEAN THAT EVERYTHING DOES NOT WORK OR IT WOULDNT GIVE AN ERROR CODE WOULD IT...
  • Garbagemod
    2016-01-04 00:59
    and by the way ERIC keep it up and i am not saying it will be me but SOMEONE will end up kicking your face in and dropping off your kids dead bodies at Burnet Park. Again not saying it will be me but you make enemies quick tough guy.
  • Well this escilatey quickly... Have fun with the Pink Dildo tool truck. Ill just go back to Chopping Silage and laugh. Fuc'D Modding You just got RAPED!!! Have a nice day.
  • Ugotrapedgiveup
    2016-01-04 02:20
    @Fuct'd modding 6 weeks and all you can do is edit? I am in your group Eric you really should not talk like you are tough no one takes you serious.90% of people in your group are now laughing behind your back. Just give up you are a clown.
  • If thats what it lookes like on the outside id hate to see whats in the Tool Boxes....
  • Ibroughtpopcorn
    2016-01-04 02:53
    @The guy from the couch nothing. I for sure thought dildos would be flying from the engine bay or something but nah. I can tell you one thing That is not an adstrip the letters are 3d looks to be inbedded into the bed. This gave me the best laugh i have had in all of 2015
  • Jim


    2016-01-04 02:58
    I just think this topped fs history. I damn near fell out of my chair laughing so hard over this. I do think this is getting a little too personal though but hilarious. Someone needs to do this on one of Joe Linbergs shit. Lmao
  • Serge44
    2016-01-04 03:00
  • I like potatoes
    2016-01-04 07:47
    Jeez, I just want to download some trucks, not watch a soap opera. I didn't realize modding was such a serious hobby....
  • Jim


    2016-01-04 08:01
    And just think. The guy who made this is a public official that works as an EMS. Wow
  • Wow


    2016-01-04 15:04
    FUCT'D modding is such a joke. I joined it because I saw them on feenix feathers youtube and then deleted them the next day. They really do give Americans a bad name in the modding scene. Every mod has issues and every mod is a edit of someone elses mod that they have butchered. I think who ever posted this truck is just as tired as the rest of us of seen groups like this destroy the modding community so kudos to you. I hope to see more of this in the future.It really brightened up my day.
  • Cleaning house
    2016-01-05 23:03
    Well, FUCTS modding, How's that house cleaning going lol. We still own you, no matter how private you make your group, We're getting your mods from everybody now. Pink is the new
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