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New Holland T8320 600EVO V1.4 Final
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New Holland T8320 600EVO V1.4 Final

New Holland T8320 with the motor specs from the T9.565 producing 600+ BHP. Then I upped the torque and braking and smoothed it all out. Wider wheels & tyres, stiffend suspension settings, scaled the front fenders & front arms. Fitted a lightbar, aerials and a custom skin. This is a fun machine to use and handles superb.

V1.4 Final.
Road Speed Limited to 60kmh.
New Dyeable wheels, 20 plus colours to pick for the rims.
Lightbar Bracket lifted.
Brakeforce reduced.
More torque, Diff power tweaks, Steering tweaks. RPM lowered to just 2000.
Suspension stiffend again.
Cost 155000 to buy.

Original by Giants, mod by Stevie.

  • Guest
    2014-12-22 23:02
    I have this in 3 other body colours if wanted, Red, Yellow, Green and the Original Blue.
  • Guest
    2014-12-24 03:38
    Love the colored wheels on this one. Love this tractor!
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