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TA77 and Z28 combo v1.1
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TA77 and Z28 combo v1.1

Version 1.1 only change is cleaning up extra files, lost more than 30mb from file size, other wise no different.

Here we have 5 car pack by Crow Modding. 1 1977 Trans Am and 4 Z28 Camaro's.
Trans Am done by Turn10 (DriverSF), modall.
Z28 model by Winston9587, KingMerc, Carolina Boy, most of bigblock chevy engine done by Caminokid, put in blender and cutup by Crowmodding.

Crow Modding is about taking already Great mods and adding detail and or function and SHARING.
77TA not much was done to this, just wheels moddified alittle and took dirt off chrome parts. Didn't like the look of it.
The TA was used as a base after unlocking the Z28 from Winston, which in my opinion is pointless and just a waste of time to try
and lock a mod. If your that afraid someone is going to edit your mod, please don't ever upload another. Its a game and mods should be shared

The all black Z28 was done 1st and I made it to look like a picture I found on the internet. Just had to have one like it in game.
The Green and Blk/Red one came from just more ideas. The 4th Red Blown Z28 came after I found a bigblock engine from Caminokid. I made a blower myself, but found a better one online, so I used it. Scoop, butteryflys and wheels on Red Z28 made by Crow Modding in blender.

All Camaro's have reworked lighting, 1st click is just running lights, including dash lights, then regular lighting.
All Camaro's have different Engine sounds, some made by me. They are not perfect and maybe could use some adjustment in the xml for the sounds. But I'm happy with the outcome, as I can just listen to that blower whine all day long lol.
All Camaro's also have different horsepower ratings. Don't drive them full throttle and you'll be fine, as in real life.
All the pulleys/fans rotate on the engines, some wobble alittle, but I was tired of messing with it and I think I know what I did wrong in blender. And the All black and Blown Z28 have a Autometer Cobalt Tach with working shift light. Its not perfect but it works. Also since these are heathy V8's, the cars shake alittle. And the butterflys on the blower will open with throttle also.
They are all different in someway or another, try them all and pick a favorite. And yes I know about all the imperfect things about everything you might find. I'm happy with it and wanting to work on my next mod.

Zerro Errors ingame or GE on my end.

In Game:
77TA stock with 220hp $11585
All Black Z28 with 420hp $41585
Green Z28 with 320hp $35000
Black/red Z28 380hp $45600
Red Blown Z28 680hp $72500

None of the Z28's will get dirty, as I didn't want that for these, they are just to have fun and look pretty in the garage.
And too listen to that blower whine.....

Please comment and tell me what you think?

Z28 model by Winston9587, KingMerc, Carolina Boy, most of bigblock chevy engine done by Caminokid, put in blender and cutup by Crowmodding.
Blower got from free 3d model, scoop and wheels on Red Blown Z28 done in blender by Crowmodding
Some sounds from other mods, some by Crowmodding.

  • Zzzzz
    2016-08-31 02:14
    sweet cars, finally my favorite classic muscle car in FS15, always did love the 69 Z/28's & all other variants of the 69 Camaro (SS RS ect. never did like the convertibles though) only thing wrong with these is the scale, they need to be a bit bigger.
  • Crowm
    2016-09-01 04:54
    ZZZZZ, Glad you like them, and I'm going to agree with you on the scale, they could be a bit bigger. Other things I forgot about on some of the cars is to open the hood, you use left control + #4 on the key pad.And one last thing if it bothers anyone is the camera, in the xml camera section change limit="false" to say "true", that will fix going underground etc.
  • Crowm
    2016-09-01 04:56
    Thomas, 1st, could you please watch the language, I'm sure many kids visit this site, thanks. 2nd, I didn't mean for it to sound like I was talking bad about winston or the others,it was the idea of locking mods. For that I'm sorry it came across wrong. Definition of stealing is taking something from someone, or as in this case stealing credit from someone, as you are accusing me of, did you read the description Thomas?
  • Crowm
    2016-09-01 04:57
    I listed all the credits I know, and all the things I did. No where did I say I created everything. To me that would be stealing.And if I didn't respect the modders, I wouldn't of mentioned them at all, But I did, didn't I. I even mentioned them before me in the credits, which I also think is being respectful. I think they are all great and very skilled modders. Sorry if this upset anyone, intent was to share these great mods with added detail/features as stated in the description.
  • Caminokid
    2016-09-01 19:00
    It upset me cause you didnt come and ask. It is one of the rules in the forum. I dont mind sharing one bit. I just want to be asked. I want to know where my stuff is going and not be surprised by someone sending me a message and telling me my stuff is somewhere and I was never asked or even notified. Like I said I dont mind sharing my stuff at all..but if I cant even get the respect i ask for I am going to stop putting out mods totally.
  • Winston9587
    2016-09-02 04:32
    same i don't mind my mods being edited either just as long as i get asked and the credits are right. That's why none of my latest mods are locked i am uploading all my new mods and re-releasing my older mods with some fixes.
  • Crowm
    2016-09-03 04:05
    Caminokid, Winston9587, your right I didn't ask, and that seems to be were I messed up. And for that I'm sorry. Contact info is not easy to come by, I don't see many email address in mods. But I will make more of an effort to make contact before releasing mods, even by using google if I have too, if Caminokid will agree with this? And you can consider this a life tip if you will.
  • Crowm
    2016-09-03 04:07
    Don't ever stop modding and releasing just because someone might disrespect you at some time. It would be a crime cause the world is in no short supply of punks/bullies that will do that just because he can. You share because it makes you happy to make others happy, and thats a good thing. What I'm saying is, Stay in control of what you like to do, don't let anyone have that power over you.
  • Crowm
    2016-09-03 04:09
    Winston, As stated before, I'm sorry how the description is worded, and didn't see it until Thomas pointed it out to me, and wish their was an edit button I could use to fix it. Locked mods rub me the wrong way cause they crashed the game on me before. And its possible it wasn't even yours? Been too long to remember. And thanks for not locking future mods, thats cool. Look forward to see you new work.
  • Crowm
    2016-09-03 04:11
    And lastly, Thanks Thomas, I will follow that advice for now on. Have a good day Gentlemen.
  • Caminokid
    2016-09-04 02:11
    All you would have to do is contact me on the AFT Modding forum.
  • Caminokid
    2016-09-04 02:12
    All you would have to do is contact me on the ATF Forum Sorry. Its all cool now.
  • Lame
    2017-09-30 01:49
    this mod is super shit though id have fun using it but it was nothing but a dissapointment insanly hard to control and spins out all the time would like if it was easier to use/control
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