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Talfeld Multifruit V1.5
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Talfeld Multifruit V1.5

That's my Talfeld Map, now with Multifruit of Upside Down, the MapBuyableObject and MixFeeder of Bluebaby210. Next installed is the pig, cattle fattening, the Wassermod and the composting of Marhu, the feed stock of VIPDani, and the script of webalizer_ls ChoppedStraw. But again my best thanks. Also a big thanks to wannabe Bauer for the building - Aktienbrauerei, bakers, butchers, inn.

Version 1.5
- Schwebende Eier an den Boden gesetzt
- kleinere Fehlerbehebungen
- Harte Kanten am Boden aufgeweicht

In addition to the standard fruits, the fruit varieties oats, spelled, poppy seeds, millet, oats and sunflower are installed.
All trees are precipitated. The you can go as long wood to the sawmill, or you let your ship from the web on. Of course, a biomass heating plant is installed, the chips takes. The streets all have names for better orientation in Sp and Mp.

Let yourself be surprised what you can all buy. Have fun and give me feedback what you will have.

1.                1,21
2.                3,60
3.                1,98
4.                1,66
5.                5,62
6.                3,66
7.                1,21
8.                3,15
9.                1,05
10.              6,16
11.              7,49
12.              2,54
13.              4,80
14.              2,42
15.              1,83
16.              0,78
17.              14.33
18.              3,91
19.              2,27
20.              4,67
21.              2,64
22.              1,64
23.              5,24
24.              4,18
25.              17,51
26.              4,99
27.              4,32
28.              4,16
29.              1,75
30.              19,89
31.              1,77
32.              6,13
33.              2,52
34.              6,77
35.              2,53

What awaits you ?!
It is installed
choppedStraw, GMK-Mod, AnimationMapTrigger, composting, Multifruit, pig and cattle fattening, MixFeeder, Marhu's sawmill, and lots more.
Have fun with the map. If you have questions or suggestions send me a message.
Ps. I hope I did not forget any credits

Marhu Geneborg upsidedown moggo Bluebaby210 Möchtegernbauer Nick98.1 Eribus VIPDani t0xic0m Fendtfan FSmodding / 112Tec- Zaun Redi90

  • Ereedks
    2016-04-20 23:49
    If this version is anything like the previous versions, the map still needs work. Previous versions have a crop named 'mohn' for which the maker of the map provides no equipment to harvest 'mohn' and no trailer to transport it. And some of the fields are useless because mohn is pre-planted in them.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-04-21 09:47
    To EREEDKS....Mohn is (Poppy) So if you put in an entry for "Mohn"in your "MultiFruit Module file you will be able to Harvest and carry in a truck or trailer. As for the pre-planted fields, just re-plant with another crop. Bob.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-04-21 18:49
    Hi...Is anyone supporting this map? All of the previous versions and now this one have the same problem, Map loads and opens to start location, first key stroke (right arrow) the picture starts to rotate (map locks up ) ctrl alt del to exit out. Load only map with no mods.Bob.
  • Ereedks
    2016-04-22 05:02
    Bob, thanks. I knew it was German for poppy but didn't know how to rectify it. I don't have the issue you described with the rotating picture, though. Weird, huh? And I have the map along with over 300 mods in the folder. The mohn issue was the only problem I've had with any version of the map. You might check on Modhoster for support, I noticed the maker of the map (Redi90) posted the map there himself.
  • Ereedks
    2016-04-22 06:59
    Bob, thanks again. I just played version 1.5 for several minutes, even used the arrow keys to look around. I can guarantee you the map isn't the issue. Post your question on Modhoster, maybe Redi90 will respond. Chances are he doesn't ever use Modhub, most of the stuff here is stuff found on other sites.
  • Ereedks
    2016-04-22 07:07
    My problem turned out to be that there is another download I didn't know about. It has all the necessary mods in it. I found the url in the 'LiesMich.txt' that's included in this download link. The 'ModsTalfeldMulti_UNZIP.zip' folder has all the additional mods that are needed, including the multifruit mod I was lacking. I never checked the 'LiesMich' before because I don't know German and had no clue what it meant. lol
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-04-22 21:42
    To EREEDHS.... Hi, Well I looked into that Link You told me about, Found the Supplied mods, So I downloaded the Pack and the Map again. Set my system up and loaded the game, ( I use a program called "Mod Folder Switcher") and started the game, Loaded OK. (no Rotation) did my look around, and then did my Save and shutdown, No problems, saved as it should do. So why working OK this time (same mods I used the first time) So I checked the the Versions of his mods and my mods. Bob.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-04-22 21:57
    Continue from above, The only difference I see is that my "MixFeeder mod" is a version 2.01 and his is version 1.0 (an old version), But the map loads and runs so-far, so now I will put in my Helper mods, Etc and see now it goes. EREEDKS I see by your comment above you that it looks as if you have not used the "Multi Fruit Module" mod for your farms? Bob. [email protected]
  • Ereedks
    2016-04-22 22:49
    Bob, that was my problem. I figured (stupidly) that anyone sharing here would have everything necessary for the map they shared. I had been trying the map with just my favorite mods but no multifruit mods. I know better now!
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-04-23 01:45
    To EREEDKS.... Hi Email me if you wold like to talk. Address above....Bob.
  • Jeremy
    2016-05-09 07:05
    I downloaded this map and started a new game. The game started OK, but would not respond to any controls. I had to open Task Manager to quit the game and remove this map from my Mods folder.
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