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Tanco Autowrap 1510 FL Dyeable v1.0
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Tanco Autowrap 1510 FL Dyeable v1.0

Tanco Autowrap 1510 FL edition round bale wrapper
Wraps Straw (Wheat and Barley), Grass and Hay (Dry Grass). Turns everything into silage bales that can be sold at the BGA.
Inluded is 2 versions: One that is original colors, and one that is dyeable.
Hope you all enjoy the new edit.
PurpleKnight Modding - "By the People, For the People"

TheSteyr958, Beda6, PurpleKnight Modding

  • Pkmodding
    2016-01-09 14:19
    A few more pictures where uploaded as I had received a complaint that it would not wrap Hay (dryGrass) and it does infact do so.
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