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Tebbe HS320 Triedem v0.8 beta
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Tebbe HS320 Triedem v0.8 beta

And here the description:
Tebbe HS320 Triedem
it is still a beta but it is also a Final Version Coming
Here, the details regarding the vehicle:
Working width: 15 meters
Price in shop: 48.900 Euro
Täglische entertainer: 75 Euro
Required power: 150 ps
Here the features:
manure spreader for crap faithful with key B on / off otherwise no additional functions / options
Important note to Misverständnise to Avoid:
There is a log error, but that is not bad only one of the texture. And if man buys him put the wheels in the ground fixed but, no proplem just zurüksetzen and he can see on the wheels then I hope that you like the mod and it is downloaded from you your John Deere agricultural Videos KANL youtube
PS: the mod is everywhere Veröfentlicht but only with Original Download Link
have fun
Ps: Please unpack

Modell: John Deere agrar team
Textur:John Deere Agrar Team
Script: John Deere Agrar Team
Idee / Konzept: weil es so wenige Miststreuer für den ls 15 giebt
Tester: john deere agrar Team / alle user des mods
Sonstige: keine angaben

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