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Tera Vitesse CFS 4601 DO v1.0
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Tera Vitesse CFS 4601 DO v1.0

The CFS unit makes through the interaction of various components for high load performance and low power consumption. Pick-up, CFS role rotor and Double-Cut cutting are perfectly matched and complement each other perfectly. This not only leads to excellent cutting quality, but also to low drag and hence a power, money and time saving.
Handy transport ground Uniform feeding through: ? ? Low-wear plate-link chains Welded with solid rectangular pipes ? Automatic chain tensioner for minimal maintenance ? chains are individually tensioned ? plastic floor for easy unloading
Sturdy construction ? Full steel construction ? continuous side walls with reinforced side stanchions provide stability ? Maximum inside width of 2.35 m high transport volumes.

Giants Software GmbH

  • Smitty
    2015-06-28 18:24 Send message
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    great trailer...added to my farm shows up etc...i cant get the hud or blades or the tank to refill though or is that to come? thanks
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