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Terra PistVan Boxy v1.1
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Terra PistVan Boxy v1.1

Price: 15.000 €
Load: potato barley wheat spelt dinkel oat rye maize rape sugarBeet sunflower fertilizer kalk seeds bread wheatbread barleybread maizebread barleyflour wheatflour maizeflour sandwich cucumber lettuce tomato oliva olivaoil sunfloweroil fuel water quellwasser milk conmilk cement beer bottles paper wine molasses feedPellets washedPotato steamedPotato logs
Capacity: 18.000 Lts.


  • Someonewhocares
    2016-07-24 17:25 Send message
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    A great add-on for the holmer DLC. Each product has its own container. Great job modders! Here is a review - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbciYQr6lAg
  • D


    2016-11-27 20:46 Send message
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    Hello. could you bring this mod over to fs17 please. and include bread cakes ect. thank you
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