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Terragator 6203 Spreader v1
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Terragator 6203 Spreader v1

Straight up Konvertierung von FS13
Fixed Verbreitung Entfernung und Geschwindigkeit
-Problem bleibt mit Ausgabe nach dem Kauf bei Westbridge Store, landet in den Boden, zurücksetzen Farm und es ist okay .

Straight up Conversion from FS13
-Fixed spreading distance and speed
-problem remains with issue after buying at Westbridge Store, ends up in the ground, Reset to Farm and it is okay.

TerraGator 6203 Spreader v 1.0

Sprinkler Dünger. In der Nähe der Laden fehlschlägt.
Kapazität: 45000 Liter.
Arbeitsbreite: 24 m

TerraGator 6203 Spreader v 1.0

Sprinkler fertilizer. Near the store fails.
Capacity: 45000 liters.
Working width: 24 m

xyzspain, Re-skin/Edit: DUFF3RR, Hanomag Deutsch Modding Team

  • Farmboy002
    2015-08-28 18:25
    I tried it, I deleted it...
  • Farmerjoe
    2015-08-28 20:10
    Works great for me, reset to the farm like the description said, works phenomenal, thanks Hanomag!!!
  • Furious doughnut
    2015-08-29 05:47
    Have you tried backing it up? 600 mph and a smoke cloud that takes up the whole map... Too glitchy to actually use currently.
  • Chevy status
    2015-08-29 06:39
  • Tom


    2015-08-29 10:00
    it works fine for me
  • Bob


    2015-08-29 10:03
    @Chevy status how do you know its stolen. do you have proof...
  • @bob
    2015-08-30 01:51
    I know its stolen BECAUSE I KNOW THE GUYS THAT MADE IT. Im in the group. But its now deleted because mods are constantly being stolen and released without any permission
  • Punisher
    2015-09-14 04:58
    No such thing as a stolen mod bud, if it was made avail somewhere for others to get then its fair game. Read the Giants GE tos lol.
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