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Texas Trooper Pack. Fun mod v1
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Texas Trooper Pack. Fun mod v1

Texas State Trooper Pack. 
Chevy Avalance
Chevy Tahoe
Chevy Impala 
Chevy Trailblazer
Dodge Charger

Im uploading the original version, Due to people taking credits for my stuff and uploading non working versions. 
First link will be the pack you need to unzip.
second link will be the templates so yall can edit and put yalls custom skins on them. Enjoy!


  • James b
    2016-11-02 07:25 Send message
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    Being just a games situation and not real life, it is pathetic someone would take credit from the true creator.
  • Eric
    2018-05-16 17:41 Send message
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    Mod has been deleted. can't download it
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