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Texture rye v1.0
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Texture rye v1.0

These texture replaces the rye texture on modmaps.

Viewing range has been increased significantly
growth stage 3 looks like green rye and can be processed in this stage using the green chaff mod
stage 4 looks like regular rye and can be harvested with a combine

Note: the modmap must have rye integrated already
Installation: read txt-file or watch the video on our YT-channel
License: see txt-file
Tastes in graphics and design differ. Wir welcome constructive critisism, if you dump your frustrations on us we will ignore you.


  • Kj


    2015-03-13 19:03
    grosse arnaque il ny strictement aucun changement de plus on nous propose un fichier dds vide!!!
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