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Textures Slurry Manure Lime v1.0
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Textures Slurry Manure Lime v1.0

Tastes in graphics and design differ. Wir welcome constructive critisism, if you dump your frustrations on us we will ignore you.
This textures replace the Slurry, Manure and Lime textures on Modmaps, we changed them to be more subtle.
We took elevated distance settings into account.
Note: archive does not contain SML Mod, it comes with the modmaps
Installation: read txt-file or watch the video on our YT-channel
License: read txt-file


  • Vao


    2015-02-06 19:48
    encore un tuto de merde ou on ne comprend pas du tout ou faut il installer ce ses dossiers...
  • B


    2015-02-08 12:54
    what if there are no original .dds files in the folder holzhausen15/map/texutere/foliage, as you can see for the map holzhausen v1.0.0? can somebody help me?greetz b
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