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The Alps Map v1.0
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The Alps Map v1.0

Wellcome to all-new The Alps map for Farming Simulator 2015! Challenge yourself under extreme conditions and proof did-you-can deal with cruel Alpine world. HOWEVER, Alps are not just raw and ruthless. Mountains offers you nicest views you can find and are full of green valleys and white-peak mountains. Grass, cereals, forest and breeding animals are your opportunity to make a fortune and become major Alpine farmer and landowner.
The Alps 15 is remake of FS 2013's version of The Alps map.
- ZIP size: 355 MB
- i3D size: 12 MB
- Shapes size: 21 MB
- PDA map included
- Error-free mod
- Middle to high performance PC required
Version changelog:
Release version 1.031:
- liquid manure capacity changed to 60.000 liters
- manure heap capacity changed to 100.000 liters
- added grain, potato and sugar beet sell trigger
- added vehicle sell point
- cow navigation mesh adjusted
- vehicle reset point changed
- serveral terrain and texture fixes


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