Farming simulator 2019 mods
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Do you know the singing BUSCH from the film, "THE THREE AMIGOS"? ;) - WHAT NOT ?
(Must look again on youtube) ^^
... Well at least I've the now, even though I just wanted the corn easy
GEN-manipulate, but my wife probably wiped dust, and then you have to overlap again
have shaken this ominous BUSCH?
A horror !!
.. This stupid BUSCH mutated then seemingly pointless and began to sing?
he sang day and night - no one could sleep more ...
even the neighbors yelling, I should finally get the music down! ^^
well, so I decided on a Friday before 3 weeks, this strange BUSCH
to finally kill! ;)
My wife was crying, the BUSCH also howled - and so I planted from him, jammed -
it to me. under his arm and dug him on the road to the pub in such a pothole, a
(I almost always stumbling over this pothole, if I do something on the angetüdelt
heimweg am now the BUSCH should me from singing as warn)
long talk short, from the nose flows no honey!
every Friday, when I go to DORFKRUG evenings are because now COINS topsy ??
I need hardly what in the pub to pay it, or cool?
... And on the way home I stumble now no longer too! ^^
so if you want, you can watch here a branch, for only 20 euros down,
but earned 100 euros per hour. - (You can still change);)
However, you should not place the bush in your neighborhood, I
because this wooden music box no friends within 800 meters more! ^^

... So then, have fun!
(Is nothing special, just a FUN MOD)
based on the script of the windmill ...
... So, I have to collect in the DORFKRUG and my coins. ^^
Baloo Friday 13th !!


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