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The River Po by Vaszics v1.6
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The River Po by Vaszics v1.6

Dear players!
version 1.6

The map of the 1.5 version Following the changes have been made.
- New plant complex is built. The concrete plant, gravel and sand mining and construction. The location of facilities can be found on the big map (9 keys).
- On-site storage doors of two pieces of major equipment replaced.
- The orchard compressor stations are replaced with a more decorative.
- The castle was carried out to dig a minor correction.
- Landscaping as needed.

The game continues to recommend the amended The_River_Po_by_Vaszics_Modpack 1.6 package, which at the same time put the game on-line.


  • Bob (wires)
    2016-06-15 23:01
    Hi VasZics.... Problem,,,, Gravel Pit, The item "Gravel" is listed in the "I3D" file as "GRAWEL" incorrect spelling. as is will not load vehicle. Also the icons for load type do not come in. (Blank entry) for both items "Sand & Gravel". Bob.
  • Vaszics
    2016-06-16 07:23
    Dear Bob (wires)!The bundled package The_River_Po_by_Vaszics_Modpack 1.6 Cat_SemiTrailer_multiFruit1 a trailer which is set at Graw away. Otherwise, all the XML file of trailer can be set to gravelt in Grawn away.
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