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Thunder Creek Service Trailer v1.0
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Thunder Creek Service Trailer v1.0

Thunder Creek Service Trailer
Function:  Fuel and Repair
FillType: Fuel
Capacity: 5680
Price: $23,500

Model: UM, farmerboy69
Texture: UM, farmerboy69
Script: Lindbejb
Idea / Concept:
Tester: lindbejb
Other: lindbejb (convertion)

  • Donald
    2016-04-29 22:29 Send message
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    Thank you Joe for this and others you put out this week.
  • Paul
    2016-04-30 05:18 Send message
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    I enjoy your mods very much and I was wondering if you are going to release that pickup truck? Thank You in advance.
  • Thanks joe
    2016-04-30 06:06 Send message
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    thank you for all the time you put into the mods I enjoy using them on my fs15 game. thank you for releasing!
  • Name
    2016-04-30 22:30 Send message
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    When is Jo going to release the Duramax ? I want that truck so so bad!
  • @name
    2016-04-30 23:01 Send message
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    @ name.....that truck ain't nothing special. i already have one in white. just a basic truck nothing big deal. joe didn't even do the truck.
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