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Thuringer Oberland v0.9 Beta
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Thuringer Oberland v0.9 Beta

Welcome to the Thüringer Oberland!
After 3 months of construction, it is finally done, at least for `first.
The result is a map that has its real role model in the region Bad Lobenstein. I tried to make the landscape a bit realistic, have been doing a lot of playing around with Google Maps and elevation models, and I think it was worth it.
The selected image area actually corresponds to a 4 fold map, ie, Feld13 original about 73ha. The field forms are all about the original, and it is not a rectangular case.
This makes it easier for the helper not easy, the only thing that works reasonably AutoCombine and AutoTractor.
There are 29 fields that are large between 0,9ha and 18,3ha. The fields are all purchasable.
For friends of forestry there are vast forests with thousands of trees, all on the map can be precipitated. The wood can be sold at the sawmill 6-20 clock or the timber freight station, there needs to be loaded onto the train.
The sugar factory buys a 6-20Uhr of sugar beet and wood chips.
The slaughterhouse is open from 7-18 clock, just like the grain storage.
On the farm there are cows and chickens, sheep have outside their pasture. In addition, the pig and cattle of Marhu are installed. GMK is installed just like ChoppedStraw, manure storage and Compost master at garden centers.
So now everyone can first make yourself a picture, I have not tested the card down to the smallest detail, but the most important functions all worked. If you find errors schreibt`s in the comments or via PM.

Required Mods:



Kotte Universal for manure storage

Fahrsilo ddr kuhstall stye sheepfold barn would like bauer
gartencenter Bernd Bauer
Potato Hall East Map
Barn Kolbenfresser
Oil barrel with pump Jauch Paule
Manure storage Farmer_Andy
Gas station Hardstyler
Shop Joerg B
baumaterial fin050808
signs Nick98.1
butcher Tropy
Dunghill Fendtfan1 (Chris)
CompostMaster Farmer_Andy
schweinamast Marhu
feed stock s4t4n
Compost master idea and Models: Andy1978 Fermenting silo script: Marhu
manual barrier Blacky_BPG
roads modular atze1978

The map can not be uploaded without my permission in other forums or other hosters.
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Fahrsilo ddr kuhstall schweinestall schafstall scheune möchtegernbauer
gartencenter BauerBernd
Kartoffelhalle DDR Map
Feldscheune Kolbenfresser
Ölfass mit Pumpe JauchenPaule
Güllelager Farmer_Andy
Tankstelle Hardstyler
Shop Joerg B
baumaterial fin050808
schilder Nick98.1
schlachter Tropy
Misthaufen Fendtfan1 (Chris)
CompostMaster Farmer_Andy
schweinamast Marhu
futterlager s4t4n
KompostMaster Idee und Modelle:Andy1978 Fermenting Silo Script: Marhu
manualBarrier Blacky_BPG
strassen baukasten atze1978

  • Sweet250
    2015-04-16 22:07
    0 0
    I have tried several times to download the:Kotte Universal for manure storagehttp://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=1752to no avail, because it contains a virus according to my sercurity and anti-virus software
  • Name
    2015-04-16 23:28
    0 0
    Did you try ModHub download? http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/kotte-universal-v1-52/Anyway, I would be fairly confident ignoring your AV warnings on that particular download...but it's up to you.
  • Lilianc
    2015-04-18 11:07
    0 0
    Already played many hours with this map and so far had only one minor issue.. Gates at the main farm close too fast when trying to drive with a long trailer (or many long trailers like I prefer). Otherwise I enjoy this map a lot. Maybe could make those gates manually closed in next version. Thank you very much for sharing this map :)
  • Me


    2015-04-22 00:17
    0 0
    @Lilianc - Had same issue. I nded up going into the GE and removing all the gates around that are on timers.
  • Lilianc
    2015-04-22 16:28
    0 0
    My problem really is,that I don´t have enough patience to learn how to use GE.. So,I rely on the maker of this wonderful map to fix this issue some time. Btw,gates at pigmast and beefmast have the same issue as well. Anyway,after 30+ hours with this map,I really love it and will highly recommend it :)
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