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Thyholm Map v1.0
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Thyholm Map v1.0

Thyholm is a real world inspired map. It consists of a lot of fields and there's a lot of opportunities with farming. I found it relevant and exciting to create Thyholm to Farming Simulator, because it's the place I was raised. Cause of that, this map gives a lot of sense to me and it feels more natural and realistic in that way, and I hope it does for you too.
The positions of places in map is well thought through, eg. the place to unload wheat is placed in the city of the map, so you have to drive a distance to get the payoff for the wheat. The sheeps and the wood selling point are in also in the city. In this way the player gets around in the map, rather than staying in one place of the big map.
Actually these places are positioned in the same places as it does in the real Thyholm.
It is now possible to unload windrow in the shed near the unload point. It is also worth mentioning, that you need to cultivate the fields before seeding.
Thyholm is very interesting for multiplayer, because it's such a big map with loads of farms and fields. The big space makes it possible to earn a lot of money and be the perfect farmers together with your friends.
You are very welcome to PM me, if you have an idea to Thyholm or have a model that could fit perfectly in. Happy farming!

Best starter map: SeedyMcSeederson
Horse stable: Luculus
Road construction kit: Fatian and Larsen & Larsen Modding

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