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Tierras Del Sur Iberico v3.0.1
3 11 0 1909

Tierras Del Sur Iberico v3.0.1

** More than 80 fields
** Varios zone with mud.
** Extra crops: sorghum, sunflower, oats, rye, buckwheat, hemp, cotton, tomato, cucumber and grapes.
** Fabrik Brewery, oil, bread, ...

Mod Required!! HERE ALL

- AAA_64erFix.zip
- AAA_UniversalProcessKit.zip
- AnimationMapTrigger.zip
- MapBuyableObject.zip
- MixFeeder.zip
- Terrain_And_Dirt_Control.zip
- ZZZ_ChoppedStraw.zip
- ZZZ_multiFruit.zip
- ZZ_GuelleMistMod.zip
**Optional Soil Mod.**

Changelog v3.0.1:
Olivasa production changed, now also produces Slurry.
Fixed trigger selling bales.
Set point discharge grass in cows.
Farm silos capacity limited to 800,000 Lts.
Store seeds texture changed.
Added store manure on the farm.
Adjusted Trigger download Wheat and Barley in Harinsur (including posters).
Updated watermod script.
New watering holes in cows and sheep (by Spieler11)
Compostmaster updated to version FabrikScript script. (2k16)
Seedmaster updated to version FabrikScript script. (2k16)
PigForage accept pigs (not included machinery, use placeable production).
Calves, pigs and lambs accept feedPellets (Pelletmaster by Farmer_Andy, use placeable production).
Mixing Stations replaced by MixMaster (by Farmer_Andy).
Added refinery fuel.
Added oil company.
- Multifruit_config set to load new foods with any trailer.
- and more...

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Credit extended in file txt.

  • Rodrigo
    2016-06-29 18:28
    hola me gustarĂ­a saber si las olivas en este mapa funcionan en modo multijugador porque hasta la fecha no e visto ni yo ni un amigo un mapa que merezca la pena jugar con las olivas
  • Thediabl0
    2016-06-29 21:16
    Las olivas van por UPK y si funcionan en multijugador.
  • Bigboss
    2016-06-30 03:34
    Cant't find the PelletMaster placeable or the PigForage placeable for this map. Great map otherwise.
  • Thediabl0
    2016-06-30 17:14
    BIGBOSS search in marhu.net
  • Bigboss
    2016-06-30 22:51
    Ok TheDiablo thanks for the info.
  • Melvin
    2016-07-01 23:49
    The map will not open is there anyone that can help me.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-07-02 16:09
    ERROR,ERROR, The Flour Factory will not accept Barley, accepts Wheat only, both locations.In the "I3D" file "node ID 105066" is listed as Wheat, change item to Barley then location works as it should . Bob.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-07-02 19:47
    Hi...Question, Olivaoil Factory, 3 input points (visible) where is the Output point for the "olivaoil", nothing shows up as a pickup item in the Complex. ( Location "V" ) Bob.
  • Ludo
    2016-07-04 15:48
    bonjour j ait un probleme sur set map je peut recolter le resin qui peut meder merci
  • Chris b
    2016-07-17 10:59
    Pick up of produce don't work for paper and bottles. Tried several vehicles. Where to sell cheese and UHT milk? Dia drop off doesn't work. Can't access Vineyard, gates don't open. How do I get Olive Dirt?
  • Thediabl0
    2016-07-19 13:47
    Bob, fix problem flour in v3.0.2 (link adf.ly is update).Bob, the output is in other entry front to port.Ludo, I don't understand.Chirs, see the videos...
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