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Titan 20 14 Schaar Pflug v1.0
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Titan 20 14 Schaar Pflug v1.0

So I was once on Internet Tour and then have this smoking-hot plow found on a US site
14 Schaar Volldrehpflug
Working width 12.5 meters
For large areas right ..... working on my map Tunxdorf only so ....
And leave the same for the whole big flap here .... NO it's not my mod ..... but guess we should not be withheld to for those who are looking for something and can use ..... and no stupid Komentá?e
In the release, I'm still waiting, and because the modders does not answer guess he had bad luck
So have fun with it


  • Sasa
    2015-09-17 22:30
    which the map?
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