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Titan20 Plow v1.0
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Titan20 Plow v1.0

Description: This is a conversion and edit of FS 2013 Lemken Varititan L by xXMalleXx.  The plow features 20 bottoms (12.4 meters) of cultivating power.  It plows deep to avoid "skipping" due to the length and lack of flex in the frame.  It does well on rolling hills but sharp inclines/declines will skip.

** NOTE:  This is not meant to be realistic.  To my knowledge, John Deere does not make a plow this size.  Hence, it is only skinned in JD Green but not called nor does it carry John Deere name or decals. The name hints at it's VariTitan origin but is not meant to represent an existing plow. **


--fully washable
--12.4 m  of ground covered on every pass
--working lights and beacon
--skinned in JD green
--looks great behind the big tractors-requires 500 hp
--it ain't pretty but it gets the job done

**Known issues:

--will leave skips on sharp inclines/declines due to size-gobbles 90% of terrain up though
--turn at end of fields is not smooth (if anyone knows how to fix this please leave a comment in support thread located at American Eagles Modding forum)

If you enjoy big implements for big tractors, like I do, then I think you will be pleased.


Original Model: xXMalleXx from 2013 mod Lemken Varititan L plow
Conversion and Edit: CJWilksy
Ingame testing: CJWilksy

  • Rodg
    2015-09-02 04:15
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    why the mod not working in my map....????
  • Thierry
    2015-09-02 09:46
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    Bonjour.Avez vous essayé cette charrue !Rien n'est fini elle saute partout à l'achat et qui plus est l'attelage n'est pas fixé a la charrue.La conversion de 2013 en 2015 est a revoir.Merci.Cordialement.
  • Cjwilksy
    2015-09-02 15:41
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    Rodg - Is your game updated to v1.3? If not, you could change the modDesc version from 23 to 21 and see if it works. I only tested it on an updated game hence the new 23.
  • Erpilas
    2015-09-02 20:37
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    buenas...tiene este error....solucionalo, gracias.....mods//JD_Titan20/Titan20.i3d (1392.10 ms)Warning: Y-Translation of component 1 (node 0>) (Titan20.i3d) should be 0
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