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TOHAP trailer v1
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TOHAP trailer v1

TOHAP trailer
Standalone trailer.
Tested 1.14
Authors: Nikita Zebrov, KaMaZ

Nikita Zebrov, KaMaZ

  • Wegerenz
    2014-11-08 00:24
    First I mean "TOHAP" are Cyrillic letters and are to read correctly "TONAR". And second my question: This mod is for FS 2015 ? I cannot install this mod in FS 2015.
  • Fridge52
    2014-11-10 06:08
    i need someone to please make a mod or get me a tutorial of how to make a mod, i need an end dump semi tandem axel tipper trailer, preferably one that lifts all the way up to like a 45 degree angle, and if possible to lifts the front axle off the ground, this should have a cap of about 40,000 liters complying with farming simulator 2015. i do know who to reach out to but if someone could do this and post it up here that would be fantastic.
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