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Tower ladder fire truck v1
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Tower ladder fire truck v1

This is a tower ladder by VWFD but is used for EWFD.

Same as before thanks to hires for getting me this

  • William hawkins
    2017-03-22 22:12 Send message
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    The logo on that truck is under a major copyright and because that logo is from a real fire department and they will do something about it so Shut Up You do not know anything about copyright
  • @william
    2017-03-23 01:05 Send message
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    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.
  • Unkown
    2017-03-23 03:14 Send message
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    thats funny thats not even a vwfd logo so you have nothing to say ove that and for 2 ask your buddy hires and alpah cuz we all know it was them look ant the pic for the guy that uploaded it it has bmfd trucks in it then go back and look at that pack its the same guy and 3 morris was not in that group thank you have a nice day
  • Zorlac
    2017-03-23 10:20 Send message
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    Once you use GIANT EDITOR, for modified or built in mod to the game.Your COPYRIGHT is no longer exclusive.When you have installed farming simulator on your pc, have you asked to accept the terms of use."You have received them, but have you read them?"
  • Hank
    2017-03-23 23:58 Send message
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    can this truck put out a real fire ? on a fire simulator game?
  • Name
    2017-04-19 02:05 Send message
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    i look it up it is not the fire department logo so shut the hell up
  • Name
    2017-09-13 00:52 Send message
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    The spinner at the front does not stop spinning when you turn the lights off. it only stops when you turn the truck itself off. that's the only thing wrong that I see
  • Papa johns
    2019-04-05 23:59
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    its way to expensive
  • You dont know
    2020-06-06 22:13
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    it is not the real fie department logo shut the hell up your butt
  • Hippygator
    2020-06-26 17:32 Send message
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    It's trash anyway, doesn't work on my pc.
  • Hunter
    2020-12-08 20:22
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