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Towtruck v1.0
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Towtruck v1.0

Tow truck works great..dont worry about the copy right its fake copy... when u buy a copy right it all ways come with alogo.

File deleted from Modhub server.

Reason: without permission

the copy right is fake and i will not post credits

  • Jdubb
    2015-12-12 16:58
    This mod isnt a copy it was made by Winston and Carolinaboy and was released well before the other wrecker was placed on this site. Herbert doesnt have permission to place this mod on here.
  • Richard
    2015-12-12 17:33
    Taking credit for something you didn't do and probably will never be able to do. People like you are pathetic pieces of crap. Hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes of fake fame. You will be banned from where you got this mod from so you won't be getting any great mods like this again so I hope it was worth it.
  • Redneck farmer
    2015-12-12 18:03
    Great mod no matter who created it. Even the original modder never got it right. The T-Lift Bar on the T doesn't swivel, so when you connect to something it stays as one long load, Truck and whatever you connect too. But other than that, I LOVE IT.
  • Noname
    2015-12-12 18:11
    dose it work ????
  • Brock lesnar
    2015-12-12 19:28
    this is FARM simulator not TOW TRUCK simulator....who gives a shit about this mod!
  • Les


    2015-12-12 19:46
    Brock if you don't like it then don't download it. I am getting tired of people who disrespect others. If someone wants a tow truck to use one the farm so be it.
  • Jdubb
    2015-12-12 19:52
    Brock heres what the true problem is... This guy uploaded a mod that wasnt his... Now Winstonforum is closed to everyone. the majority of the modders who release quality mods are fed up there stuff just being posted without credit being given sometimes being stolen. brok your right its farming simulator but sometime a good tow truck is need to get something unstuck. Regardless, this mod was only available in 1 and now that its on here access to good mods is not gone
  • Nooneyouneedtoknow
    2015-12-12 19:54
    herbert did you not read NO UPLOADING TO OTHER SITES when you downloaded this mod kid? you have no permission to upload the mod and as for the copyright no its not fake its right there in plain sight if you actually looked
  • Awsome
    2015-12-12 20:21
  • Awsome
    2015-12-12 20:23
  • Winston9587
    2015-12-12 20:46
    i am the maker of this tow truck i build it from scratch everthing came out of sketchup execpt the motor and the battery box witch was made by king merc i spent 4 and a half months building this after a real tow truck. and i only uploaded it to my web page i did not give any permission to upload this to any other site. please remove all links.
  • Richard
    2015-12-12 20:49
    Winston it says they removed it from the Modhub server since they did not have permission to upload it.
  • Winston9587
    2015-12-12 20:57
    @richard but the other link is still there and the uploaded link is not my link my link is sharemods link.
  • Lindomar
    2015-12-12 21:28
    Winston is a great moder, deserves respect , and the other moders also , unfortunately there is a bunch of idiots who end up messing up anyone who enjoys good mods because they will no longer be published.
  • Chris7391
    2015-12-12 22:20
    @Winston... I, as a wrecker operator, would personally love to have this mod on my farm, if for now other reason than to go stick a truck in the creek and pull it back out. I've tried my hand at some modding. I spent 6 months just to get a nice 379 Pete working and gave up when it came to texturing it and making it look as good as it worked. Much respect to everyone that puts in the time and effort to give us good quality mods. Where would be the proper place to get this mod?
  • Peter venkman
    2015-12-12 22:29
    While this should not have been posted it has opened up a new line of mods for me when the forum goes back up.
  • Punisher
    2015-12-12 22:29
    CHRIS7391 the "propper" place to get this is on Winston's forum http://winston9587modder.freeforums.net/HOWEVER Winston is all mad that his mod was put here they closed the site for now
  • Jake even
    2015-12-12 22:47
    Winston didn't even make the truck cab part of this mod, now hes crying that it got uploaded to some site. Have respect for other peoples mods, don't use other peoples mods in your mod then say you created the mod.
  • Chris7391
    2015-12-12 23:04
    @Punisher... thanks, I will check out his forum when he puts it back online
  • Kingmerc
    2015-12-12 23:23
    @Jake evenno shit he didnt make the cab par t of this mod but he didnt take it from another mod either. No one make their mods from scratch you idiot if they did you would obviously tell. This was a sketchup model which he states clearly. All mods come from a model somewhere. Jake it is worthless lowlife idiots like you with no skills in life let alone modding that always want to bring people down. Quit wasting oxygen and just go hang yourself.
  • Alpha123
    2015-12-13 00:17
  • Kp


    2015-12-13 02:07
    Alright everyone, no offense, but let's try to be nice here.
  • Moose1993
    2015-12-13 03:14
    take the mod down this is bull crap one person is going to screw it up for everybody it is winstons tow truck he worked hard on it for someone else to take a claim it for theres
  • Jim.
    2015-12-13 03:55
    Great mod. Thanks for sharing. Like ive said numerous times...Keepem coming boys. My mod folder is filing up fast.
  • Guest
    2015-12-13 03:59
    i'm surprised modhub was stupid enough to believe the copy right in the first place. who in there right mind would pay all that money except GIANTS and the companys that are with GIANTS to be in the game for mods? i've gone through and removed all my copy rights in mods and replaced with GIANTS because they are all FAKE. no one can be stupid enough to pay for a copy right for a GAME.
  • Richard
    2015-12-13 05:15
    I for one think it is beyond rude to steal other people's work. Modders make things so other people can enjoy some awesome mods and they make the game more fun however it seems like every single mod group closes and reopens, or the group breaks up, or they just close for good so I give up on joining any from now on. Too much drama and all modders know someone will not listen it will happen every time.
  • Guest
    2015-12-13 05:38
    there's no point in anyone posting in any comments on any mod about people stealing mods. it's going to continue to happen each and every day no matter who says what. until you have douches like Jake Even and Joe Lindberg getting off there high horses or start taking there medicine for there napoleon syndrome people are going to steal mods because mods aren't shared, there just rubbed in your face through pictures.
  • Cry babys
    2015-12-13 06:14
    hey yall listen copy rights are thousands and thousands of dollars the copy right is fake and dum if u want to bark up this persons trunk go ahead and do so cuz he will shut u up in a mint flat i have his side and so does 50 million other people
  • Jim


    2015-12-13 07:31
    THATS IT. I MEAN THATS IT. FARMING SIMULATOR IS OFF THE GRID...Ok where back on the grid. SHhhhhhhoooo Scared the donkey doo doo out of myself there for a min. Damit Jim take your meds man. Ok took my meds and slammed my head off the desk...Im Gooooood to go now.
  • Nooneyouneedtoknow
    2015-12-13 10:04
    really? copyrights are thousands and thousands huh? better do some research before you comment because obviously you have to idea what you are talking about
  • Wesley
    2015-12-13 12:27
    The site therefore no longer works
  • Peterpiper
    2015-12-14 03:32
    @Winston, from the pictures, awesome work. I am sad I missed downloading it here though. I am not part of a group, forum and don't know where to become part of a group or forum where I could possibly get some really cool mods. Have played this game for a year, never posted anything I've picked up. Thanks for the awesome work though Winston, pics look great.
  • Bear
    2015-12-14 05:40
    its amazing of what ppl will say to each other over a large group of pixels and code lmmfao hope you guys don't handle real life situations the same way
  • Nooneyouneedtoknow
    2015-12-14 05:50
    NOONEYOUNEEDTOKNOW i think u better go to school before u open up ur pie trap...
  • Guest
    2015-12-14 20:03
    i think my IQ dropped reading this shit
  • Zzzzz
    2015-12-14 22:50
    yeah I agree with peterpier on this, so where can a plain jane version of this truck with no logos on it be found, as I have been looking for a long while now for an American wrecker like this one for FS15, does anybody have a link to Winston's website (if he's got one)
  • Disappointed
    2015-12-15 03:54
    i'm really disappointed. i actually registered for the website to see if the mods were any good. i downloaded this tow truck but you can't even look at it in GE. it's just a bullshit sign about not being able to edit it. i don't put any mod in a game for any reason until i can see it in GE first. was always told this winston sight was good, now i think it's a piece of shit if they do this type of crap, one mod i won't be using or recommending thats for sure
  • Name
    2015-12-16 22:50
    great mod herb glad you shared it with all of us thanks you should do a version with a red white and blue skin or a us flag or rebel flag skin on the sides that would look great. thanks again
  • Name
    2015-12-23 11:25
    actually NOONEYOUNEEDTOKNOW is right copyright don't cost $1000"s of dollars call a lawyer they will tell you ........you register a copyright and pay a fee THATS ALL but enough of the fighting on here about this mod it was removed end of story........
  • Wow


    2015-12-24 03:05
    you are a btch this mod is supposed to stay on winstons site thanks alot
  • Eagle5005
    2017-01-23 07:17
    Hey you should convert this mod and any tow truck mod from FS15 to FS17.
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