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ToyHauler Camper V1.0
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ToyHauler Camper V1.0

This trailer is just for fun

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  • Zzzzz
    2016-02-25 03:07 Send message
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    sweet camper, I just got this in my mods folder & it works good, I towed it up to my forestry/logging site & it looks great @ the logging area.
  • Moonshine
    2016-03-01 04:07 Send message
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    when I downloaded it was not working for me so if any one can help
  • Watson
    2016-03-06 20:27 Send message
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    can anyone tell me how to put the mods on the game once I've downloaded them?
  • Cameron
    2019-07-08 01:34
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    I now how to donlode them
  • Microgalka
    2019-07-28 21:17 Send message
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    How do you download it so you can use it in game
  • Helper :)
    2020-03-01 19:55
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    ok so what you want to do with the mod file is drag iton your desktop then go to your documents find my games open the farming simulator 2015 folder then open up the mods folder right click drag them click extract click select folder then click select the folder in the destination then drag it and drop it then open up the game then open up optiobns click mods and it should be there.
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