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TrackIR Support v1.0
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TrackIR Support v1.0

With this mod to TrackIR head tracker can finally use in combination with two other free tools available in the LS15.
After seeing itself for years on a viable TrackIR (or Freetrack or Freetrack Noir or whatever) wait Headtracker support in LS, came an idea to me a few days ago, how could it be perhaps reinzukriegen with sufficient force in the LS. Lo and behold, it works :)
Who - as I made my FluSi times - has a TrackIR at home, which I need not explain what is TrackIR. For everyone else, Wen's interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TrackIR
If you want to get an idea why Headtracker the Sim games are simply awesome: See video :)

That's the ugly part ...

You need
a) a functioning TrackIR
b) the virtual joystick driver PPJoy: http://ul.to/fzhe96kn
Attention! That's not entirely without, so many has his system already shot to pieces with it and under Win7 runs even in the so-called. Testing mode. Everyone needs to know himself whether he wants to do that. For me at least läufts problems with the current version.
c) In PPJoy a virtual joystick set. (Just click on "Add .." and "OK")
d) The tool Tir2Joy V1.2: http://www.dikant.de/tir2joy/
e) The ZZZ_TIRsupport.zip the Mods folder

The virtual joystick in PPJoy you have set up only once, then you need this tool no longer touch.
The tools use:

Start a) TrackIR software. As a profile I recommend "Smooth" to start with, but this can of course keep everyone as he wants.
b) Tir2Joy start - in the software you can see whether the data connection with TrackIR and PPJoy works
c Start) LS

Incidentally, it is not necessary to prove any InputBindings etc.. The script looks for the corresponding virtual joystick itself.

The script in the ZZZ_TIRsupport.zip saves for Indoor (!) Cameras, the data sent by the TrackIR to Tir2Joy, and from then on as normal PPJoy joystick input and uses them in order to align the camera.

a) 6DOF 1DoF = 5DOF
Through the dog miserable joystick support from LS unfortunately come to only 5 of the 6 axes of the TrackIR in LS. Unfortunately, this is the movement forward that would be helpful for front loader work etc under the wheels. Since I can not do anything absolutely! In theory it would be possible to put the last masked axis means GlovePIE on a second virtual PPJoy stick. But since then becomes arge tinkering. And then there is still a problem b) ...

b) limitation of analog devices in LS15: So far I have not been able to operate more than four analog devices in the LS. Power and can not and will not simply the game ... Do you have to look at depending on the structure, if you still reinkriegt the virtual joystick. Was certainly closely with me.
Perhaps there is some point in the foreseeable future a useful simulator, in which you do not need so many crutches for the simplest things ...
Other Head Tracker:
I have no Freetrack Freetrack or noir with me running, so it can not test. There are for this Headtracker but also instructions on the net, how to get the data in PPJoy. The chances are that the script as a solution without any changes supported, should not really be so bad. And if not, I maintain that on the basis of usable feedback course for you.

After I was asked repeatedly in the past, if I would build something not (also for a fee), I with this mod now but times a donation box set up. Background: I have really great new neighbors get, and the old fence is always a little shaky. You can help me the new fence a bit faster and higher to build ...;)
In this sense: Happy head wobbling when plowing :)

TIRsupport-Skript: upsidedown
Artwork: Eribus

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    Very very big thanks.I wonder why the game author is not committed add this game to automatically.
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