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Tractor MTZ-82 v1.0
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Tractor MTZ-82 v1.0

Mode "MTZ-82" for Farming Simulator 2015 - The popularity of MTZ game Farming Simulator 2015 can be judged by the number of mods created. Beat in the search MTZ - and you see it in person. One only mods MTZ-82 was created with a dozen!

Do not be surprised, but the current modification of MTZ-82 for FS 2015 is not much different from their counterparts. Yes, there is something podlampichili and to finish, but in general, no major changes have occurred. Popular blue and red color replaced gray. Every detail is drawn from both hands completely copied from the original version. It casts a realistic shadow. During the ride, some parts are moving, as in the present Minsk tractor.

Features fashion MTZ 82 for FS 2015:

- Light engineering (turns) turns the keys 1,2 and 3.
- To open the door, just press the button 4. The window is opened by pressing 8.
- Flying dust from the wheels during movement.
- The performance characteristics of any changes there: the speed and power correspond to the same modes. In short, the main emphasis here has been placed on a slight improvement in the appearance and handling.

MAX1985, DRONKLIM, ANDREI1994, Mechanic

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