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Traffic light kit Mapper v1.0
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Traffic light kit Mapper v1.0

Adjustment possibilities of the traffic lights: You can set some in the GE, everything is in the installation manual, therefore presented only briefly here. Possible settings are, Duration of the green phase at every traffic light an intersection (eg 1.Ampeln at the intersection 10seconds green, 2nd traffic light at the intersection just 6sec. 3rd traffic lights turn green and the crusade 15sec. Green), start and end time of the operation of traffic lights for example, from 8 o'clock in the morning until 20pm at night, placement of triggers on the map where you can turn off the lights manually, and then on again. Are the lights off, it will only flash with yellow flashing light. Do you have the lights off during the day and they come to the point where they should go into operation, they naturally stay also. Turns the lights in her Trigger1, so you can also turn it into Trigger2 back or vice versa. Triggers can also be placed as often.

Multiplayer: In multiplayer, the lights out of operation, that is, you get to play start displays a warning so that everyone knows that the MP are off the lights. The traffic lights have only the orange flashing light. If you transgress the trigger in one, you get also a message that the lights are out of service in MP. This has the simple reason, on the one hand there is the MP no AI traffic with your fellow players you can also deny yourselves and decide groundstrokes, the needs of the MP easy for synchronizing power and to not to unnecessarily burden I have sinned against an MP capability in the form of red -> yellow -> green decided, therefore, only the yellow light flashing on.

Follow the manual

Landwirtschafts-Simualtor 2013
Ampelmodell: BigM
Ampelskript: Bluebaby210
Konvert: shepp001

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