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Trailer Assist v1.0
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Trailer Assist v1.0

Trailer Assist is a small tool to the reversing maneuvers with a trailer easier. You can get there following keys operate:

F11: Navigation with compass; Trailer Assist attempts to move the trailer in the indicated direction
F12: Navigation angle between the tractor and trailer; Trailer Assist tries to claim a displayed angle between tractor and trailer
A: Turn left
D: Turn right
Ctrl T: This key can be the Trailer Assist on permanently.

It can be seen that trailer Assist is activated when appear at the top of the screen in the middle grade numbers with yellow writing. Although Trailer Assist is permanently switched on, it will only actually activated when driving backwards.
This little script is still in its infancy. So there is no pretty surface and it also does not work with all trailers. Just try it out, bringing any suggestions for improvement.
The developer version is in GitHub: https://github.com/Mogli12/TrailerAssist

by biedens

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