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Trailer Pack Kroeger v1.2 Brantneraufbau E8041
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Trailer Pack Kroeger v1.2 Brantneraufbau E8041

I hereby would like to provide you the Trailerpack_Kroeger_Brantneraufbau_E8041_V3 disposal (to match the man tgs 18.440 tipper)
included are tandem 1x, 1x rotating stool, 1x rotating stool 3 achser
should you notice errors please report them in a friendly tone t

- Colli adapted from the trailer construction (not as wide)
- Transport of wood trunks in shallow dump mode (discharged via mouse control left / right selectable)
- Transport of all orig. fruit locate and crap in the high mode trailer
(Loaded by harvesters and choppers in high dump mode recommended)
- Load volume 15500/20500/27500 liters
- Washable
- Color picker

kyfwe59, giants

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    great mod, enjoy your mods thankyou
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    2015-02-11 08:28 Send message
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    Hi, Would it be possible to remove the draw bar and front axle off the two trailers with the load volume of 20500 and 27500 liters and make it so we could attach it to truck man truck.Thank you.
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