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Trailers for small bales v2.0
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Trailers for small bales v2.0

Here V2 of the trailer, it is a compound which contains 3 pakc trailer

-1 With UAL script ( compatible with just the press WELGER )
-1 Strawmod with the script (just press sipma compatible with V1.1)
-1 With basic scripts ( ability to load big nerd

3D , the textures , the scripts: lesagri
Strawmod : Burner & Rockstar94
UAL : Hot oline Team
wheels : Frabel ls modding

Version française :
Voici la V2 de la remorque, elle est composé d'un pakc qui contient 3 remorque
-1 avec le script UAL (juste compatible avec la presse WELGER)
-1 avec le script Strawmod (juste compatible avec la presse sipma V1.1 )
-1 avec les scripts de base (possibilité de charger des gros ballot)

3D, the textures, the scripts: lesagri
Strawmod: Burner & Rockstar94
UAL : Hot oline Team
roues: Frabel ls modding

Download Welger : http://www.modhoster.com/mods/welger-ap730wc
Dowload Sipma : ici

3D, Textures, Script : lesagri ls modding
Strawmod : Burner & Rockstar94
UAL : Hot oline Team
Roues : FraBel ls modding

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    how about a zip file for this mod as lot of folks including myself do not have WinRAR just WinZip or 7zip is all windows 8 & 8.1 & 10 have so yeah V3 of this mod as a zip mod would be great thanks.
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