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Trailersound v2.0
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Trailersound v2.0

Hi LS fans !!!
It's me again your LudmillaPower;-)
Yes, I would like to introduce our trailer sound in collaboration with Mowgli & charly99
There was already a version for the LS13 now we thought this mod to bring in the LS 15 with a novelty !!!
What's new ??
Yes exactly !! Mature sound recordet By LudmillaPower so the typical noise whom tractor tires on the asphalt move.
much fun you wish: LudmillaPower, Mowgli & charly99

Mogli erstellung vom script & LudmillaPower Reifen Sound
charly99 alle anderen Sounds und idee

  • Lindbejb
    2015-03-23 20:56
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    piece of shit mod if i ever saw one. i don't know what trailers your listening to but they sure don't sound like that in real life.
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