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Transfer Site v1.0
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Transfer Site v1.0

The MOD is designed to minimize the logisitschen problems.
Actually I'm a farmer and take care of the efficient ordering of the fields. But not in LS. Here I am bringing the constantly driving around to stuff from A to B, such as for selling or storing. (Maybe also LS stands for Logistics Simulator). The field economy do the workers and the boss sits auf'm Bock and makes Depp work.
I like to take care of the Feldwirtschft. That's why I've built two parts that I can put anywhere, where I gather the income warehousing and again. So I can put my filling bunker on the field and removal stations are then at the sales points. Because of course somebody has to take over the transportation itself, the cost of parts and correct maintenance.
As storage space serve the central Hofsilos. Selbige have no upper limit on quantities. I tried to incorporate as many types of fruit (all would certainly exaggerated). Thus, one could say that here is a placeable Hofsilo with the difference that:
many Früchtarten go (such as potatoes, chips, manure, hops, grass, straw, fodder, ...)
It consists of two parts, the unloading station and the removal point in order to build flexible can.
Well, what can I say. Try it out, I hope you like it.


  • Jason
    2016-01-07 16:41
    this mod does not work in multiplayer.can you fix it for multiplayer?
  • Bob


    2016-01-17 19:56
    Is there a location (file ) to add a fruit that is not being accepted by this mod. Bob.
  • Eliminator
    2017-09-29 02:44
    rebuild this for fs 17, it would be handy
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