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Transport pack v1.0
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Transport pack v1.0

Transport pack V1.0
Trailer for the transport of large machines for fs 2015.


  • Austin
    2015-11-21 19:52
    can u plz put this in like dropbox or mediafire so we can download it I cant get it to download with site u have it on now plz thank u
  • Fabian
    2015-11-21 20:06
    please fix the link it does not want to work and won't download
  • John
    2015-11-21 20:15
    Hi the link you have does not work
  • Mike
    2015-11-21 20:49
    Dont download, there might be viruses.
  • Mike
    2015-11-21 20:51
    In this site lots of mods with viruses
  • Silja88
    2015-11-21 21:03
    ok guys
  • John
    2015-11-21 21:12
    thanks for the warning mike john
  • Tommy
    2015-11-21 21:31
    coll looking mod, but looks like no way to download. not to cool!!
  • Duramax_nation modder
    2015-11-21 22:34
    Ok, If anyone want this. I don't think were gonna get it. This modder is trying to trick us. DONT DOWNLOAD!!
  • Ryan7282
    2015-11-21 23:03
    Has anybody noticed if this mod has shown up on any of the other mod hosting sites?
  • Bill
    2015-11-21 23:10
    This mod is shared on LS15mods.com
  • Sweet250
    2015-11-22 10:08
    This trailer is TO SMALL to move a Large Combine, much less the potato and sugar-beet harvesters. Plus many of the function don't work. Right now this trailer will-not move the Grimme Tractrons 415 and 620. I hate to bust bubbles, but this trailer doesn't act like something for real-life, and if it doesn't proform like something in real-life than it's not going to work well in a game meant to simulate real-life.
  • Mike
    2015-11-22 14:16
    U can find it athttp://www.farming-mods.net/mod/trailer-truck-for-big-machines/
  • Silja88
    2015-11-22 16:21
    Mike when you make your own mod put link and do not touch my mod
  • Are you people drunk?
    2015-11-22 21:10
    Really people? The download link is modhub usAlso there would be no "viruses" In the Mod Just "errors"
  • Guest
    2015-11-23 13:22
    personally i give it a thumbs down myself. a lot has already been mentioned why. minus the virus comments because the mods themselves wouldn't have the virus's and this is a modhub link that functions 100 percent completely. but as for where the trailer is lacking i will do my best to fix this mod so it is in usable condition.
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